the one about the Midwife and the OB

Can a doctor and a midwife get along? Or at least respectfully disagree on important issues surrounding pregnancy and birth? The One About the Midwife and the OB is a collaborative project between Maryn Green, CPM and Nathan Riley, MD that hopes to bridge the gap personally and professionally between medicine and midwifery. Listen in on these honest conversations between friends as they tackle topics in pregnancy and birth that are often divisive.

On Being on Call

Maryn and Nathan are back after a hiatus to chat about being on call again and also Nathan’s new role of acting as “primary” (whatever that means!) at a homebirth.

On Protocol

Where does this idea of “protocol” come from? What is it rooted in? Maryn and Nathan share their ideas and essentially make a plea for creating a new world.  

On Breathwork

Maryn and Nathan share about their experiences doing Effiji breathwork with their friend, Sarah Charmoli.   Listen in and check out the Effiji website at

On Breech Birth

What are the chances? Maryn and Nathan each hosted a separate breech training in Kentucky, and this podcast is the sharing of some notes around each event.