Episode 3: On Homebirth

This is a basic chat but is it? Homebirth doesn’t always look one way, and who’s “in charge” isn’t always what you’d expect….no matter what the location of the birth is.

About the Midwife and the OB

Can a doctor and a midwife get along? Or at least respectfully disagree on important issues surrounding pregnancy and birth? The One About the Midwife and the OB is a collaborative project between Maryn Green, CPM and Nathan Riley, MD that hopes to bridge the gap personally and professionally between medicine and midwifery. Listen in on these honest conversations between friends as they tackle topics in pregnancy and birth that are often divisive.

2 thoughts on “Episode 3: On Homebirth”

  1. I enjoyed this discussion. People are afraid of birth and death, and we try to sanitize them both. We remove or numb any sensations and don’t want to look. Naked, laboring women and dead persons must be covered. The anesthetized mother who feels nothing won’t verbalize in ways that make US uncomfortable. The agony of grief is quieted with tranquilizers.
    Birth and death mustn’t be experienced, but manipulated into a machine, a ritual devoid of any feeling.


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