About Us

Maryn Green, CPM

My journey into the world of birth actually began with the birth of my first child in a hospital. I didn’t even know home birth was an option. I was frustrated with the hospital experience I had and began searching for other options for my second birth. I eventually connected with a doula who introduced me to the idea of home birth, and alongside the midwife I hired last minute, guided me safely through a loving second birth experience. I decided to become a midwife to help women in the same way. I co-founded Indie Birth and our various offerings to inform, educate, and support women on their path. I also publish the Taking Back Birth podcast. I feel divinely lucky to be intimately a part of the life cycle. I live with my husband of 21 years and our 10 children (yes, you read that right) in Arizona. Life is good!

Nathan Riley, MD

My name is Nathan Riley. I am an allopathic physician who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology as well as in hospice and palliative medicine. I have a daughter, and my wife is a pilot. We are expecting our second child. I am also a Burner and a deep ecologist. I believe that healing starts with lifestyle change. So I will exhaust diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management before turning to the tools of my allopathic colleagues. I also borrow from Chinese medicine, the Vedic traditions, herbology, the spiritual sciences, and my functional medicine colleagues to achieve this. I see birth and death as natural processes rather than disease processes to be “fixed” by the medical system.

To learn more about my journey, click here. Otherwise, you can find more about me through my blog or my podcast.