Episode 15: On Being Jobless

Nathan shares his recent story of being fired from his job for not wearing a mask.

About the Midwife and the OB

Can a doctor and a midwife get along? Or at least respectfully disagree on important issues surrounding pregnancy and birth? The One About the Midwife and the OB is a collaborative project between Maryn Green, CPM and Nathan Riley, MD that hopes to bridge the gap personally and professionally between medicine and midwifery. Listen in on these honest conversations between friends as they tackle topics in pregnancy and birth that are often divisive.

2 thoughts on “Episode 15: On Being Jobless”

  1. Totally different industries, but I was laid off from the job I had for the previous seven years back in 2020 (nothing to do with vaccines or masks or whatever) and I was a little stunned, but when that wore off I felt a little adrift, but it was also the best thing for my mental health. While anxiety and panic attacks haven’t fully left my life they’re far more rare with the job I started earlier this year AND (part of the time) I have the time and energy to work on my own ventures as well. Who knew that losing one’s job could be so liberating!


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