On Taking Care of Ourselves First

Yet another chat about self-care, and more specifically how to navigate our own emotional energies when caring for our families and the others we serve. This is a never-ending topic!

About the Midwife and the OB

Can a doctor and a midwife get along? Or at least respectfully disagree on important issues surrounding pregnancy and birth? The One About the Midwife and the OB is a collaborative project between Maryn Green, CPM and Nathan Riley, MD that hopes to bridge the gap personally and professionally between medicine and midwifery. Listen in on these honest conversations between friends as they tackle topics in pregnancy and birth that are often divisive.

1 thought on “On Taking Care of Ourselves First”

  1. Listening to this podcast has just reinforced a common theme that has been coming up lately. As you pointed out, we are not here to ‘save’ the women we care for and we are doing a disservice to ourselves, and the women, if we practice in that way. It is a tricky thing to create boundaries in this field of work, yet absolutely necessary to protect our own energies to prevent compassion fatigue.


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